Saturday, April 20, 2013

Seed Starting and Germinating

In my zone, it's getting to be seed-starting time, and I have actually started one flat of beans and summer squash. Still too early to start seeds like tomatoes, and we'll have frost (or close to it) for the next week or so. Our last frost date is May 15, so it's always iffy until then. 

I was gifted a nice small portable greenhouse that I just put together, and have sitting on my front porch. In addition to the flat of seeds I have started, I purchased a few lacinto kale plants, and some thyme that are in the mini greenhouse, along with some garlic, onions and shallots that need planting if I can ever get someone to till that bed for me.

I got these 2 charts from a friend but she didn't say where she found them. I prefer to note the source of things I post that are not mine, but the information in these is very good so I decided to share them anyway. The charts are based on AIR temperature. 

Edited to add I found the source: 
Hope they are helpful to you!


  1. My frost date here is May 31. I started seeds back on March 1: onions and beets. Again on March 15, April 1, and April 15. Cold frame is half full and all my kitchen windows:

    I never had much luck with starting beans, had to plant them directly.

    Those charts are cool!! But the link didn't work.

    1. I fixed the link, thanks for letting me know.

      I'll check your photo links when I get back from the farmer's market this morning.

  2. The charts are great. Thanks for sharing.

    We're still firmly in winter here. It's getting me down.

    1. Nice to see you posting a comment again!

      Weather has been the pits for too many of us this year, and I fear the summer will be equally bad (hot and dry).


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