Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sure Wish I'd Had a Camera

No, not for a funny shot... just a Stupid (on my part) Shot of my truck in the ditch.

I'm back home safely, but only after an eventful Sunday afternoon that included my truck having to be towed out of a deep ditch adjacent to a ravine along a narrow gravel private drive through the woods... where I was going to see an old friend who lives just over the line into the NC mountains. 

Surprised by the first time I've ever seen their gate closed, I tried to back down the slope on a curve. (Yeah, calling ahead would have been smart but I wanted to surprise them.) My back tires are bald, and I have rear wheel drive so I couldn't get a lick of traction, and I just slid farther and farther until I was totally in the ditch sideways and on a tilt... and looking down a loooong deep slope. Scary!

I finally calmed enough to crawl over the groceries and junk now strewn all about in the front seat, and out the upside door (passenger door) to go for help. No cell service that deep in the woods. My friend's grandson came down and tried to pull me out with a chain and his 4WD, and that was scary because I was sure my truck was going to turn over and roll down the mountain with me in it! 

I did finally get towed out... and my truck didn't roll down the mountain either. Shoulda had my camera!


  1. How scary! glad you didn't roll down the mountain.

  2. Yep, scary is the word... but somehow my britches stayed dry!

  3. Moments that make life more interesting than one can stand. Yikes!

    At least you didn't have some stupid bell going off telling you you were in a ditch. Honestly, these new doodahs on cars... mine has a bell that tells me I've lost traction, which is just what I need when I'm sliding into the guard rail on a snowy road, another flippin' distraction...

    In my own corner of the world, I spent yesterday w/some friends processing this year's chickens. I ended up helping w/gutting the chickens (about 60), the SO helped w/the plucking & today I'm going to tackle cleaning chicken feet... something I've never done, but I've got a bucket full & they're supposed to make such great stock. It just seems wrong to give them all to the dogs... & making pate out of the livers.

    A great day for it... it's horribly windy outside.

  4. I've made stock with feet... makes a very gelatinous stock but not any flavor. It's great to add to any other stock for thickening, and of course the gelatin is cheaper than buying glucosamine and chondriton for achy joints.

  5. No flavor? Wow, that's not what I would have expected... all the posts I read raved about the flavor. Have you peeled them before?

    After standing at the gutting table most of the day, I noticed my knees were quite stiff when I went to sit down for the potluck... that's a new one. So I can really use the gluc & chon in the feet... =0)

    Got 4# of liver & all the chicken necks out of the deal... only one other person wanted the organ meat, & she took all the gizzards, which I don't care for.

  6. The local chicken feet I got were already peeled, for some reason. I didn't cook them with anything else, no onions, herbs, other chic parts... just so I could see what they were like alone.

    On the other hand, the Trotter Gear I cooked up had lots of flavor additives IIRC, and just as much chondriton and glucosamine. In fact, almost all bones will give us some of that, esp. if we add a bit of vinegar to the cooking water.

  7. IIRC???
    Not so many pigs around here, I'd have to buy supermarket trotters.

  8. My "IIRC" (If I Remember Correctly) remark was wrong. I did cook the feet with some aromatics.

    Chicken Feet for Stock

    Cooking Some Magic Stuff: Trotter Gear

    I got the pigs feet from an Asian grocer up near the University, but a local lady I met while getting my front tires aligned said she's give me all I want after Thanksgiving when they butcher.


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