Friday, November 11, 2011

Posts to come...

I haven't written many good (in my opinion) posts lately. I think all the work I did preparing a new planting spot for next year... which turns out to be over the leach field... really has me in a funk. What the County inspector signed off on isn't what's actually there.

In order not to have to think about starting yet another new garden area in some completely different spot (which now I couldn't even start until spring, thus losing a whole year of planting)... I have been doing more soil nutrition research. Surprisingly, the same nutrients that affect soil also affect out human bodies, and in much the same way.

Several years ago I wrote a series of articles for on the various soil nutrients, from the over-used or inappropriately-used NPK, to the common minerals, and then the minor but essential trace minerals. I've learned a lot since then, and when I can sift through all of my notes enough to get a clear picture in my head, I will post it here.

Some good news... there are still folks out there with manners! For several years now, I have lamented that folks driving in the oncoming traffic lane will not dim their bright lights, come Hell or high water. Last night I had to drive home from NC after dark (late because I got my truck in a ditch and had to be towed), and almost every oncoming car dimmed their lights! Often they even dimmed their lights as soon as they saw mine, not waiting until I blinked mine as a signal. There may be Hope for Mankind yet. :)

Meanwhile I am preparing for a weekend cabin stay with friends in less than 2 weeks, and food is on my mind. I'll only be making a few goodies to share (including a couple of easy snacks) which I will post in the next few days as I make them. 

The holidays during November and December will be my Last Hurrah of foods I should not eat, and January will see me back on a more Paleo-type diet (although it wasn't designed as such by my Endocrinologist). I lost a pound a week over 6 months of 2010 eating right for my low thyroid, and had more energy than in the previous 10 years. Since going off that food protocol, I have gained it all back and feel sluggish most of the time. So, it's time for me to get back on track.

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