Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday Blues: Electronics Purchases

Lose your sleep before your decision, not after it
By Scott McLeod

This year's Black Friday was violent in many places, and some Buyers didn't get as good a deal as they might have at another time.

I came across this great website to help anyone decide on the purchase of electronic items. A professor who is an expert on data mining (he sold an airline fare program to Microsoft for $115 million) has a start-up website that studies all the pricing data on electronic products like TV's, computers, cameras, Home Theater Systems, and more... it also looks at new models coming soon, and then it figures out the best time to buy.

You just plug in the name of a product and it will search prices and tell you if you should buy now, or wait. I looked at one camera just to see how it works; it told me to wait, as there is an 83% probability prices will drop in 2 weeks.

Decision Making Landscape
By toprankonlinemarketing

If you are planning to buy a big ticket item, could be quite handy to both save you some money, and any regrets you didn't get the best deal!


  1. Awesome site! We've been looking at buying a new laptop. According to the website, we should do so sooner rather than later ;). As it's a planned for purchase anyway, we won't feel bad about making the purchase now instead of waiting :).

  2. Wendy, did they suggest who has the best price? I didn't get that far since I wasn't serious about actually buying anything.

  3. If I recall, the best price was ;). I don't know that I'll buy it from Amazon, and I might be willing to spend a bit more to get it from a more local source, but it was pretty cool nonetheless.

  4. Thanks, I just wondered if they suggest where to get the best price. :)


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