Saturday, July 30, 2011

Up on the Roof

Well, imagine me... almost 71, up on that barn roof!

A big piece of the old, rusty tin blew off and needed to be nailed back in place. Neither my younger half-sister (62) nor her late-in-life daughter (23) would climb the ladder and get on the roof. Wimps.

Granted, the barn is quite old, and falling apart... but there is a workshop building inside the barn that I built 4-5 years ago that shouldn't get rained upon. It looks "finished" from inside it because it has sheetrock walls and ceiling, plywood flooring, windows, double doors, oodles of receptacles and even overhead lights. What it doesn't have is an exterior skin, nor insulation.

One of these days I may get to finish the exterior, but in the meantime it needs to not have a huge hole in the roof above it, else all my tools will be ruined. So it was DIY for this old broad!


  1. Brave! I don't handle heights well.

  2. Actually it wasn't scary at all, since the heavy layer of rust on the tin kept the roof from being slippery.

    Of course, now that I've seen it up close, I know it needs PAINT soon, or a whole new roof!

  3. If you lived in our neighbourhood, DH and I would gladly have come over to help you with your roof! We could have had a potluck picnic afterwards.

  4. My Goodness... I thought maybe you had returned to the sea! Glad to see you here!

    Ahhh, a potluck picnic sounds lovely!!!

  5. That's what keeps you young! Don't quit climbing roofs until you're 150 years old!!! (In a safe way, of course.)

    Sue - AKA ~Leah's Mom~

  6. As long as you feel confident and capable that you can do it, then go ahead and fix the roof. Just don't forget to take safety precautions when climbing. From the looks of it, you are doing a good job keeping your barn in perfect working condition.


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