Sunday, July 3, 2011

Making Cherry Liquer

My 1-1/2 pounds of Nanking Cherries wouldn't make much in the way of preserves, so I decided to follow an blog recipe I found to make a Cherry Liquer.

The recipe is easy:
1-1/2 pounds of sour cherries, not seeded to have the slight almond flavor from the seeds
1 cup sugar
750 ml vodka or 3 cups  (1 bottle)

Add all ingredients into a jar with a tight lid. Leave on the counter for a couple of weeks, shaking daily. In 2 weeks the sugar should have dissolved and the liquid taking on a reddish color from the cherries.

Move to a cool, dark cupboard for several months. Crack open and enjoy with your Christmas celebrations! (I'm planning for mine to be gifts since I don't like really sweet drinks.)


  1. Simple but really good recipe, Darius! I wonder what vodka did you use? And did you remove the cherries?

  2. I used a Swedish vodka, name unremembered but started with an "S".

    I should have removed the cherries sooner than 6 weeks as the liquer took on the bitter taste of the pits.


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