Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dead Squash

I posted the winter squash I grew last year here. I wasn't too happy with the butternuts, because they just didn't look right, both shape and coloration. I even wrote to the seed company (a reputable heirloom seed company), and they assured me they were fine.

As my mother used to say, "Horsefeathers!"

I have been growing and storing winter squash, including butternuts, in this root cellar for five years. I know how to properly "cure" them before storing, and I've seldom lost any... unless I left some into late-April. I did lose about 5 the first year, when I didn't have enough straw to insulate a few from the outside (exposed) concrete block, and they froze against the wall.

Whatever my instincts were about these butternuts, they must have been correct. Yesterday I threw away the remaining squash from the root cellar; all were molding and rotting. I already threw away as many as a bushel in December and January, one or two every few days. I'm so sorry I took the time to clean and save seeds from the few I ate in early fall, because I surely will not plant them! 

When I cleared the shelves yesterday, I discovered one remaining acorn squash I had overlooked, which was just fine... and it became my vegetable portion of supper last night. The acorn squash was tasty, baked with just a bit of butter.

As for the butternuts, one of my favorite winter squash varieties, what a waste!

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