Saturday, February 5, 2011

No Post.. I've got the Crud that's going around

Photo by uberculture

Sorry...but I'm pretty sick, first time in a long time. I have several projects partially completed (and partially written) but they are currently on hold since I feel like Crap. I suppose it is the virus my sis has been lugging around for about 3+ weeks... I had hoped to avoid it completely, but it snuck in behind my back and gained the upper hand after all.

I don't intend to be sick for long... I'm taking care of myself, getting plenty of rest and plenty of liquids. I've had my fill of chicken soup, plus a couple of Hot Toddies and my homemade elderberry cough/cold/flu syrup that actually makes me feel better whether it speed the cure or not.

I'm still working on my projects that are time-sensitive (can't be frozen, stored or somehow kept for later) but I have zero energy to post about them right now.

I'll be back soon.

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