Sunday, January 2, 2011


Photo by Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel

re·solve  (r-zlv)
v. re·solved, re·solv·ing, re·solves
1. To make a firm decision about.

I have but one Resolution for 2011:

"I resolve to further reduce my dependence on the industrial food system, which means producing more of my own food, and/or buying more food I don't or cannot grow from local sources whenever possible."

That seemingly simple goal actually requires a LOT of work on my part:

1. Planning, perhaps enlarging, amending, planting, feeding, weeding and otherwise tending the garden.
2. Better plans for processing, and storing what I do not eat immediately.
3. Processing (see #2) requires some of the things I have written in earlier posts: learning to make hard cheese, and charcuterie to cure and keep meats. For me, it also means learning to grow or obtain, prepare and eat foods not familiar to my generation or younger, but prevalent in earlier times.
4. Storing (see #2) means additional work on the root cellar. It needs new plumbing to free up space the spring water pipes now occupy, better insulation, better shelving, and the fuse box replaced with a breaker box. New and better shelving would be a big bonus!

Let me be clear that my thoughts and plans of action have little to do with the rampant fear of the future that's running amok, except as my general desire to be prepared for disruptions (mostly weather) fits in. However, Supply is beginning to touch the edge of that picture, and that does concern me. Basically I'm doing this because I should be doing it "anyway". Have you read  The Theory of Anyway , or the  Anyway Project

Sharon Astyk said, "When in doubt about how to change, we should change our lives to reflect what we should be doing "Anyway." Living more simply, more frugally, using less, leaving reserves for others, reconnecting with our food and our community, these are things we should be doing because they are the right thing to do on many levels."

So, what have YOU resolved?


  1. I definitely need more work on my garden ... and I have a perfectly good storm room that could be used as a root cellar, but I'm not using it! (ack.)

    It's odd, but I've just been reading about salami (which I love!) I've done curing before (made corned beef last St. Patty's day) so this might be a good next step for me.

    Good post :)

  2. A wonderful post that got me thinking....thanks!

  3. I love Sharon's Theory of Anyway and refer to it often -- especially when others roll their eyes and make disparaging asides. Hard to argue with living more lightly and leaving more for others!

  4. Yep, awesome enough to make us say "DUH!"


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