Friday, January 21, 2011

Chorizo with Parsnips and Rutabaga

As part of my efforts to eat less costly meals and less familiar vegetables, I made a dinner of pan-fried chorizo (sausage) with the root vegetables parsnips and rutabaga. (In some parts of the world, the rutabaga is known as a Swede.)

I peeled and diced a large rutabaga and put it in a hot skillet with some coconut oil. (Any oil, tallow or lard that will take some heat will work.)

The rutabagas were cooked until soft and browned, then removed to a plate.

Next, I partially cooked the peeled and diced parsnips in the same pan. I want to finish cooking them in the flavored oil from the chorizo, so that means cooking the chorizo next.

I sliced and sautéed a couple of chorizos in some bacon grease, just until they were slightly browned. Then remove the sausage to a bowl or plate, leaving the chorizo-tinted and flavored oil in the pan. 

Add the partially-cooked parsnips to the remaining oil in the pan, and cook until browned and soft. 

Return the chorizo and rutabagas to the pan with the parsnips, stir well and heat thoroughly before serving. Season with salt to taste; you probably won't need any pepper! The sweetness of the parsnips is a good balance to the spicy chorizo, although I should have used one more parsnip, and I added the juice of half a lemon just because.... 

Serve with a green salad. YUM!

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