Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Chocolate Fix

Yes, I eat chocolate... and have all through this change in my diet protocol and weight loss.

Recently, experts  gave a thumbs-up to a little chocolate every day -- as long as you stick to a square or two of the dark kind, with 75% or more cacao. Their recommendations are to limit the daily amount in order to minimize sugar and fat intake, and maximize the potential health benefits.

Because dark chocolate and cocoa contain antioxidants (flavonoids), studies have shown they may help lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of stroke, and provide other cardiovascular benefits.

My chocolate bars pictured above vary in their number of squares, and their fat content but not sugar content per square. Each bar's nutrition facts indicate 4 squares (1 Serving) contain 5 grams of sugar. Those same 4 squares in the Lindt bar contain 210 calories, and 28% MDR of Fats; the Ghirardelli bar's 4 squares contains 250 calories and 38% MDR Fats. (The Lindt bar contains 10 squares and the Ghirardelli bar has only 8, so the bars are not really quite equal. Both cost and weigh close to the same.)

I am delighted to still have a decadent treat that doesn't make me feel guilty about eating it. Frankly, the fat content is of no worry to me, but I do limit my 'treats' to a single square or sometimes 2, because of the sugar content. A single square of the chocolate bars has well under 2 grams of sugar. The Ghirardelli has a slightly sweeter taste, feels creamier in my mouth, and costs a bit more even though it weighs less, but it also slightly affects my digestion. I generally buy the Lindt and I don't feel quite so decadent!

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