Friday, April 2, 2010

Changes in Posting Schedule

Out of necessity, I am making some changes to how often I post. Starting now, I plan to post only three times a week unless something urgent needs posting. Tentatively it looks best for me to post on M-W-F, leaving my weekends free for projects.

I have been working hard to post all the things I am learning, but it isn't as easy as just sitting down and writing a story. I try to thoroughly research what I post, if for no other reason than clarity and my own well-being. I know I have daily readers and I apologize, but I'd rather do fewer posts than a bunch of haphazard posts.

It is imperative that I also put these nutritional ideas into action in my own life, and some things are already falling through the cracks just because of Time. The natural sourdough starter I have been feeding twice a day since it's infancy last week was neglected last night and started fermenting alcohol, so I have to start all over (but not until I get back next week). The kefir I was making got overlooked and soured. I saved the grains and will start them again too.

It is also gardening time and I haven't even ordered seeds. The few cool weather seedlings I already put out won't feed me for long... and the grass already needs to be cut.

During April I have 3 trips to UVa Health System in Charlottesville; two of them are just a night or two away from home, and I will be house sitting for a week for the third trip. I'll take my computer along for that trip so I can still post.

My list of projects I want to do (and share) is long, so there will be lots to write about!


  1. Your schedule sounds suspiciously like mine - like the chives (a lot) that I cut to dry and are still wrapped in my jacket on the porch. Ah, life's intrusions. My brother sent me this link to a book that will be out the end of April.
    It looks good - but reading time is often a wispy dream.
    Good luck on your UVA trips.

  2. Thanks. Looks like an interesting book.

  3. I was wondering how you had time to keep up so well. Thank you from an almost-daily reader! o.o ;)

  4. Thanks. It is hard to keep up and I may have to limit posts to every other day, or maybe even fewer...


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