Saturday, April 17, 2010

Banning Bottled Water?

This post below is copied in its entirety from another blog. I have mixed feelings about the matter. On one hand, I understand the enormous amount of recycling efforts needed, the expense of bottled water usually made from cheap tap water anyway, and the dangers of chemicals from the bottles leaching into the water. On the other hand, for years I traveled and often would make a pit stop and get something to drink. In those days, only soft drinks were available and usually made with HFCS. Blech. Note: This legislation was passed over a year ago and implementation is still in process.

"Banning Bottled Water?

They say the road to hell is paved by good intentions.

The Toronto Star recently noted the political battlelines drawn around the debate to ban bottled water in Toronto, “Environmentalists claim bottled water commercializes a public resource, undermines faith in Canadian water systems, and sends plastic bottles to the landfills. The bottled water industry counters that environmental groups rig recycling rate numbers and vilify a product that helps combat obesity.”

Last week the vote was cast and the Toronto city council voted to immediately ban the sale and/or distribution of bottled water in City Hall and the city’s civic centres where contracts permit, and ban the sale and/or distribution of bottled water in other city-owned facilities such as arenas and theatres by the end of 2011.

While it’s now illegal to not only sell bottled water, but also illegal to distribute bottled water in city-owned facilities in Toronto, it’s still perfectly legal and acceptable to sell and distribute sweetened waters (translation – soda and fruit drinks).

Afterall, isn’t that really what soda and fruit drinks are – simply sweetened water?

Let me see if I understand this.

Bottled water = bad-illegal

Bottled soda & fruit drinks = good-legal

This vote after Statistics Canada released data that found Canadians consumed more than 95 litres of soft drinks in 2007!

How much more soda and fruit drinks do you think folks will drink now that bottled water is banned?"


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