Thursday, May 21, 2009

Duck Eggs

I haven't yet posted anything about recipes or cooking, since blogging is new to me. However, yesterday my egg man talked me into some duck eggs for their superiority in baking. Stay tuned next week to see whatever I make, and how I like duck eggs!


  1. I would like to know how the duck eggs taste and react in regular recipes compared to chicken eggs! And, are these free-range eggs, or are the ducks ducks fed with a commercial feed?

  2. These eggs are from free-range ducks. I don't know if they get supplemental feed, and if so, whether it's organic. I'll be sure to ask!

  3. My egg man says he gets his duck and chicken feed from an organic milling place near Roanoke. They grow their own organic non-GMO corn and other grains except soybeans. The non-GMO soybeans are roasted at the mill, which supposedly makes the soybeans digest better.


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