Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Accidental Parsnips bore fruit!

I wrote a few days ago about finding "Accidental Parsnips" growing in the lawn and several folks asked me to dig one and see what they are like. So, I dug a clump today. All but one are small, almost stunted, by the hard-packed soil and I doubt they would have grown larger... probably just grown woody!

I left the other few as they are making seed heads, which I shall watch closely, and collect. Now to dream up a 'summer' recipe using parsnips!


  1. Woot! Look at them. I'm interested to hear how they tasted. I love root veggies and ought to grow some next year.

  2. Parsnips are in the same family as carrots, and if cooked properly I think they taste similar.


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