Monday, July 8, 2013

New dog, Nerve-wracking

About 2-3 weeks ago my sister's dog, a mostly herding dog of some sort, came home with a puppy about 8 months old. Calls to the animal shelter for lost dogs, and checking the neighbors and the newspaper didn't turn up anyone missing her.

The pup, who looked like a part chocolate lab, promptly adopted me, and despite the cost of shots, good food, flea and tick treatment, and licensing, she was so loveable that I thought I'd keep her.

Three weeks and $3,000 in chewed items later (including my hand-woven and signed oriental rug, my watch, some clothing and countless other things she could get in her mouth) I'd had enough. She aggravated my sister's dog so much that he didn't want to go outside, and pooped in her part of the house which he hadn't done in more than a year since she got him.

A woman from Lab Rescue came and picked the pup up this morning.

I'll miss the dog because she was so sweet. I WILL NOT miss the mess.

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