Monday, February 11, 2013

Learning more about nutrition

Those of you who follow this blog know that I eat better (healthier) than the vast majority of Americans, so I have thought I had a good handle on nutrition.

With this latest hospitalization I was in Wake Forest Baptist hospital in NC, and they have a system that posts ALL lab results to MyWakeChart where I can review them online. There are over a hundred since I was admitted Jan. 30. I was discharged Monday Feb. 4th and went back for an Acute Care follow-up appointment on Friday Feb, 8th.

The lab results from Friday's blood draw were posted before I even got home! 

My hemoglobin, hematocrit, platelets, white and red blood cell count, phosphorus and iron are all still way below normal.
My potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, chloride, and protein levels are all barely in the low-low-normal range.
I eat pretty well, so why my body isn't processing/absorbing these things baffles me. The MyWakeChart merely posts lab results, not how and why I may have gotten there. 
I'll have a raft of questions for Digestive Health when I go on March 11, but the quest for more nutritional answers might be a long investigative haul down many avenues.


  1. I wonder if your hydrochloric acid levels have been very low for a very long time....A stomach pH of 1-3 is necessary for protein digestion and for absorption of minerals. A fantastic diet, such as you have, is not enough if you aren't able to absorb it!

    I hope you get some answers and get back on track to good health. Supplemental hydrochloric acid has been enormously helpful for me and others, if a need is determined.

    1. They have me on a proton pump inhibitor for now, which cuts down on stomach distress from all the blood that was in it.

      However, your comment is very helpful, and something to add to my research list, Thanks!

  2. I don't recall all the details, but my mother's Hb was low during her final crisis & they couldn't figure out why. Since then I've learned I'm a hidden celiac & I do wonder if she was as well; what she finally died of was consistent w/systemic inflammation. Have you ever had a dietary allergen panel done that would pick up hidden susceptibilities? I understand they can test for ~70 now w/a basic blood draw.

    Very interesting to learn about the hydrochloric acid supplement...freemotion, were there overt symptoms or is this just something that shows up in blood work?

    1. A dietary allergen panel sounds like a good idea.

      I've wondered about inflammation for several years, so now it's time to do something about my random thoughts about causation.

  3. Did some quick research on the hypochlohydria (the technical name for low acid) & it becomes more & more likely as we age. I'd say seriously check it out w/the research & docs.

    And in conjunction w/stomach bleeding...possible sub-clinical food allergy...whoa. Perfect storm.

    Nice to see you back online, by the way. =0)

  4. Just reading all this and getting caught up. Didn't want to miss sending you a little note. Hope you can find some answers.

    Do you eat organ meats? Might be time to start :)


    1. Yes, I eat organ meats, but not brains because there's no local source. My Dad loved scrambled brains and eggs.

      I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a LeCrueset pate/terrine pot (on ebay) to make bake of the offal.


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