Saturday, February 16, 2013

GMO Valentine Kisses

Did your honey give you Hershey's chocolate kisses for Valentine's Day? If so, and you are in the USA, you received GMO kisses. Valentine's Day is also the day where once again giant corporations try to enrich themselves by encouraging Americans to consume endless amounts of sugary sweets.

All Hershey's chocolate products sold in the US contain GMO's, but they source organic and non-GMO ingredients in their chocolates sold in foreign countries. That’s right, Hershey’s went GMO free in Europe in 2010, but keeps peddling GMOs in America.

Hershey’s Top Chocolate Products: Hershey’s chocolate bars, Reese’s, Hershey Kisses, Nutrageous, 5th Avenue, Almond Joy, Caramello, Heath, Kit Kat, Mounds, Mr. Goodbar, Rolo, Symphony, Take5, Whatchamacallit, York and Dagoba.

While California voters were trying to support their basic right to label genetically engineered foods, the Hershey Company, the nation’s largest chocolate-maker, contributed $519,000 to defeat Prop 37 and your Right to Know what’s in your food, alongside Monsanto, the world's largest biotech seed company, who dumped in $8.1 million to stifle democracy and transparency.

In the past, many large U.S. food producers have argued that reformulating their products to exclude GMOs is not cost effective. But why it was worthwhile for Hershey's to change its product formulas for the European market, but not for the U.S. market, so far remains a question without an answer.


  1. Thanks for that. I will be buying my chocolate elsewhere.

    I'm such an addict that the whole company might go out of business if I quit buying chocolate :D

    (Even though I know better, it's still one of my addictions....)

  2. I;m not a choholic, but I occasionally eat a small piece of a Lindt 85% cocoa bar, The sugar is minimal and doesn't encourage me to eat more (unlike the Midnight chocolate bars that I love and won't buy anymore).


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