Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rice Cowpeas

Another newbie in my 2012 garden: rice cowpeas (click the link to see a photo of them after drying and shelling.) I've never grown any cowpeas, aka Southern Peas before, so how they grow off the top of the stems was a big surprise to me!

I bought the seeds because the dried tiny white cowpeas aren't much larger than rice, and said to cook in 40 minutes. I think this might be a nice quick-cooking staple for the pantry.

The cowpea (Vinga ungulculata) is considered nutritious with a protein content of about 23%, fat 1.8%, carbs 67%, and water 8-9%. As in most legumes, the amino acid profile complements cereal grains.

Cowpeas are fun to grow, tasty and a great choice for novice, expert and children gardeners!



  1. Cowpeas are blackeyed peas, but I never heard of rice peas. I love blackeyed peas!

    1. Black-eyed peas are not the only cowpeas. Check here:

      My rice peas look like miniature black-eyed peas!


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