Saturday, August 11, 2012

The War on American Soil

Yes, there really IS a war on American soil, and it's about our Rights to real food... and being force-fed adulterated and nutritionally unhealthy foods instead. This war on our right to control what we eat could grow into a major conflict, and the Feds have already brandished guns on food raids.

I ended up being admitted to my local hospital 2 weeks ago, with what they thought were cardiac problems. Immediately they put me on a "heart-healthy, low-sodium diet", and if I had been there long enough I might have starved. It wasn't the lack of salt on the foods, but that most of the foods were inferior to the point of absurdity. In fact, one meal had canned green beans (commercially canned) that were so full of sodium I couldn't eat them. So much for a low-sodium diet. The only exception was a cup of fresh sliced apples with a few grapes for contrast. The other cooked fruit dishes (and juice cups) were so high in sugar (or some kind of sweetener) I gagged. No wonder we have an obesity epidemic, and skyrocketing diabetes.

The "butter" for my hospital wonderbread toast was Promise®, which is 60% GMO vegetable oils, water, whey from milk, with some chemicals and chemical vitamins added. How healthy is that? They gave me a list of foods to avoid, like processed cheese and hot dogs. Hell, I already avoid all those foods, and most intelligent people know they are not "real food".

I've been thinking about the control the government is trying to take on all of our foods. What started as a "war on drugs" 40 years ago has mushroomed into the government believing it has the authority to control everything we put into our bodies. (They only control alcoholic beverages and cigarettes to collect tax on it, not how much anyone consumes.) The war on drugs isn't being won either, and they are putting more pressure on controlling foods and supplements. Their propaganda machine (the CDC, Center for Disease Control, government owned and operated) has been working overtime, to the extent that almost everyone "buys" it, even doctors. "If the CDC says it's so, then it must be."

I do understand the need for some controls for food safety, like imported supplements of unknown safety, and particularly those foods that come from factory farms like milk, beef, pork, eggs and chicken. Some of those facilities are so foul that I won't eat anything from there no matter how safe they try to make it.

No milk comes from a factory farm that isn't pasteurized by law (cooked to destroy all pathogens but the cooking also destroys healthy nutrients like essential fatty-acids, enzymes and vitamins). The CDC says raw milk is unhealthy, but their own data from 1993-2006 shows on average 76,000,000 food-borne illnesses per year and only 116 of those were from raw milk.

A presidential election is coming in the fall, and I'll bet my last fiat dollar that food rights are never mentioned. I'll also bet that sooner or later, mothers are going to wise-up about nutrition and wage war on the government control of real food.


  1. Darius -- so glad to hear that you are okay, out of the hospital, and home to real food! I share your concerns about the food Nazis -- watched a TED talk today and wondered if this could even work in America given our legal climate. Maybe someday, maybe even soon . . .

    1. Thanks. Fantastic story on the video, and it should be do-able anywhere!

      or if your computer is old or you have a mobile, try this link

    2. Yes ma'am, my husband was in the hospital a couple of days a while back and the food was appalling. All animal products factory farmed (of course) and the rest nothing but processed food.

      A friend I visited who was desperately ill in the hospital - same food - and a steady supply of diet Pepsi! I have no words.

  2. I was in the hospital over a year ago for a knee replacement and i was served gray broccoli and complained and the nurse stated to me that I did not under stand that they had to feed older people that could not chew food and My statement was there was NO food value left in this food and she told me I did not no about nutritun and that was the wrong thing to say to me because I told her if she could serve this S__T she did not no about food or nutritional food values and she was talking to a cook that make my own sausage,dry aged beef, Cheese, and grows my own food because their is no nutritional values in our food in our stores today and if she would like to learn about food to contact me after I was out of the hospital and she might LEARN Something about food and nutrition
    sorry for the rant

  3. When I was hospitalized for a bad round of Lyme disease, and again when I badly broke my leg 2 years later, I had my husband bring in my meals. There was NO WAY I was eating what they served. Fortunately we are only 15 mins from the hospital. That stuff will kill you!! Because I was on antibiotics both times, I also had him bring in my kefir cheese. And I educated anyone who asked about the probiotics in it. No, I wasn't going to take a pill for probiotics!!


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