Monday, August 27, 2012

New, Improved Egg Separator

One of my friends sent me this short video and it fascinates me! Don't worry that you don't understand the language because it isn't necessary. The pictures tell it all.


Do you wonder what ever made someone try this in the first place? LOL


  1. Very cool! I always just use my hand, fingers slightly separated -- but it takes some time for the white to run through and there is usually some that clings to the yolk. This is much neater.

  2. Almost makes me want to try it..just for fun..LOL
    Did you?

  3. That is cute and yes, what were they smoking to even *think* of trying this??? How funny. I just use the two halves of the shell. The yolk sinks to the bottom and the egg white pours over the top, go back and forth a couple of times and you're good. I always laugh at the concept of *buying* an egg seperator when the egg comes with its own.

    Thanks for the fun video Darius.


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