Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My garden struggling in the heat

I know I am not alone in walking around my garden and seeing all the sun-baked plants, but it sure is disappointing. Here in the Appalachian mountains we have been running on average as much as 15ºF hotter than normal for most of June and into July. 

Shallot harvest 2012

A few things have done rather well, like garlic, shallots and onions, but those were all planted months ago. 

Lemon Squash

Summer squash have grown like gangbusters, of course. This year I planted Costata Romanesco zucchini, and lemon squash (it's "lemon" only in size and shape). I'm pleased at how insect resistant they have been. So far I have baked and frozen more than half a dozen squash quiche for winter meals (plus my Sis and I have eaten a couple more of them), and frozen some plain shredded zucchini in case I decide to make zucchini bread for the Christmas holidays. (I've gained a lot of weight and really don't need the temptation!)

The winter squash (Red Kuri and Spaghetti squash) planted on my new hugelkulture berm have finally taken off on one end, but the other end planted with just Red Kuri is languishing. The photo of the better end above was taken 2 weeks ago; the vines nearly cover the berm now. It is taking daily deep watering to keep the hugel berm plants growing since the sod/dirt layer is rather thin, but in a year or two the logs will have rotted enough to act as a sponge, and the smaller twigs/limbs will have broken down a lot. I do intend to cover the entire berm with newspapers and a heavy layer of wood chips before winter, so that should help next year.

Rabbits have repeatedly nibbled both kinds of pole beans I planted right to the ground (Kentucky Wonder and Cherokee Trail of Tears) but I finally have a few that I temporarily caged after re-planting so I may still get a few beans. I did stick in a few fava beans here and there, more for the soil than to eat.

The Finocchio (or Florence) fennel that is said to hate hot weather is actually producing a few bulbs although I lost most of my seedlings in the early heat wave.

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  1. I have read your blog in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Both looked fine.


    1. Thanks!

      I'm looking into a new-to-me older Mac that has an Intel processor; hope to find an affordable one soon.


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