Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another cookbook?

I vowed 2-3 years ago NOT to acquire more cookbooks, and in fact have given away a substantial number of them in the last 2 years. However recently I ordered not just one, but 2 used cookbooks, each under $4. Old cookbooks to be sure, and cheap, but I think they will be useful now, and in the times ahead.

Both are from the Time-Life Series The Good Cook Techniques and Recipes published in the 1970's. The first one is Terrines, Pates and Gallantines. Think meatloaf advanced to high school or college level... a fine way to make delicious entrées out of less expensive cuts of meat.

The second one is Variety Meats: how to cook those meat cuts our grandmothers cooked... and we never buy, like sweetbreads, heart, kidneys, tails, and even pigs feet.

While I have tried some of the cuts labeled "Offal" in the past year, I really have not made a dedicated effort much past one recipe each. That's to my shame because everything I read about the nutritional values of those cuts says they far outshine the nutritional value of steaks and chops. It's time to get serious and try to make tasty meals, and make peace with my preconceived notions.


  1. Oh I am guilty too. I tend buy cookbook and never use them. Actually that one on Variety Meats sounds like one that I would like. I bought a Betty Crocker one last weekend. I have a Betty Crocker one that my mother bought me when I got married but this one was in the thrift store and was from the 1950's and was the exact cookbook that my mother had used when we were growing up. I actually put it back and then went by it again and snatched it up. Just couldn't leave a part of my history on the shelf...

  2. Hi, Becky! Yeah, I hear you on the BC cookbook and our personal histories with them. Wish I had my mother's copy.

    The Variety Meats book is wonderful. Every page is covered with concise step-by-step photos for the recipes. They are available used, check ebay and

  3. Darius, In a Feb 17th post on American Preppers website there was a link to There are all kinds of ebooks that can be downloaded. One of the books is a cookbook, Most for your Money Cookbook. It was printed in 1938, and has many recipes for low cost meats, things that we would usually throw away.


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