Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Clean-Up and Prep

There always seems to be SO much to do in a Fall yard and garden, and mine is no exception. Unfortunately, my summer garden did not get the attention needed, nor did the yard, so both were full of tall weeds and tall grass. I had to tackle some of the tall grass first, so I could even get to the garden. I mowed with the highest blade setting and even then some of it just got knocked down. 

Raking was necessary, and there was LOTS of it to do... but it will make nice mulch for the garden when it's a little more dry. After the cut grass piles get moved, I should be able to do a final mowing for the year. There's still much more tall grass to mow also, sides and back of the house, and I'm a bit ashamed I let it got the better of me. However, what I did manage to rake is in rows, drying, and turned over daily.

Now, it's on to garden #1. It is a mess from neglect, and I need to plant garlic and shallots, so look for a step-by step transformation to be posted in a few days...

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