Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Comment Approval

 Photo courtesy of koalazymonkey's photostream

This morning I changed the way Comments are handled on this blog. Starting on I will be notified of new comments and must 'approve' them before they are published. Let me assure you this change is NOT due to any unsavory comments, although in the past year there have been 2 'porn' comments posted in an Asian language, deleted as soon as I figured out what they were.

This new measure is because more folks are now commenting, and I don't want to miss any new comments! 

I would also like to reformat this blog so opening more dialog via comments is easier and looks better, but frankly I don't know how. Alas, programming is not my forté.


  1. Actually, this is one of the easier ones to use, and I like the personal touch.


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