Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Working on a new web site

Sorry I've been slow to post new items on this blog lately. I've been quite busy creating a web site for some of the genealogy I've been doing for months, and should have it up and running in another day or three.

It's strictly a site to sell bits and pieces of Hardesty/Hardisty family tree data at affordable prices. Many folks don't want to pay a monthly fee to belong to a genealogy site and/or don't have time and inclination to do their own research, yet they still would like to know something about their ancestors.

With just under 16,000 people in the tree, we (a cousin works on it too) should have ample opportunities, provided I can market it correctly. We're not offering to do any new genealogy research for someone, just offering some of what we already have worked so diligently to acquire and document.

I have no idea if we'll make any money at all, but hope to at least make enough to cover the monthly hosting fee. Only time will tell. Plus, we always have the option to take the site down if it doesn't pay for itself after a few months.

It's amazing that a simple site of just a couple of pages can take so much detail work. Most of the work was in choosing a hosting company, then getting email and PayPal set-up. Even though I use my computer a lot, much of the terminology was foreign to me, so I've had to learn a few new things along the way.

Harder to teach this old dog new tricks than it used to be!

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