Saturday, January 2, 2010

Nuttin' to write about...

Reality is in slow motion following the holidays, and nothing going on around here worth noting.

I had planned to write about the dangers of BPA in canned tomatoes, and tout the Muir Glen canned tomatoes I love. They come in a can that has a white coating inside to keep acidic tomatoes from reacting with the can, but it turns out their coating contains FDA-approved BPA as a food preservative. (I buy them only because they are organic, and use them when necessary to supplement bad tomato years like this past season when I couldn't grow enough tomatoes to can in glass jars at home.) Sigh.

I have a critter visiting the front porch late at night. I have seen the back end of it just once when I went outside late for more firewood. It waddles slowly, but it's not an opossum... too wide and too fluffy, plus dark fur. Since it's been so cold, I've been sticking my pint of half and half for my morning coffee just outside the door rather than trekking all the way down to the kitchen. Last night the critter took it, container and all! Drats.

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