Thursday, September 10, 2009

China Issues Mandatory H1N1 Vaccine Shots

This week China issued its first mandate for all their population to be inoculated with the A/H1N1 flu vaccine, beginning October 1 at a huge public rally. It is the first country in the world to do do.

This follows a
report by the Associated Press on August 25 saying half of the Chinese health care workers would reject taking any H1N1 vaccine.

In Vancouver, the Vaccine Resistance Movement (VCM) held a demonstration "We're Not Gonna Take It" rally in late August. The VCM was started by a number of local researchers and activists who have been researching the
'vaccine dangers' issue and threats to natural health solutions, as well as False Flag Events and Psychological Operations for many years.

They are focused on the
'right to choose' and oppose any mandatory vaccinations. They also oppose any consequences for 'non-compliance', saying the basic concepts of human rights and freedoms means we must maintain our right to determine and control what's best for our own body.

They point out
"that evidence exists that this strain of H1N1 was created in a lab, and that the known toxic ingredients of the vaccines include live viruses and adjuvanta, with the potential for serious harmful or even lethal side-effects."

So far in this country (USA) there is only speculation. The official federal stance is a voluntary program, although I understand health-care professionals are being strongly pressured to take the vaccine.

Hey... Big Thanks to a California friend for sending the second 2 links!

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