Thursday, January 2, 2014

Eggs... whole or just whites?

For several months (or maybe more) fast food chains like McD's and Subway have been pushing breakfast items that contain egg whites without any yolks.

I know the egg whites contain protein, but what is in the yolks making them omit them?

Our brains run on fats, but not just any fats. Not canola oil, not corn oil, not soy oil, and not most other processed oils. Our brains need what's in animal fats such as egg yolks and free-range meats. Free-range eggs are a good and inexpensive source of those needed fats.

So, my questions are what's in it for those food chains (and who sold them on that idea, anyway)? Are they trying to dumb us down even more? It has to be a "follow the money" thing. Equally important to me is WHAT are they doing with all those egg yolks they don't use?? Must be millions a week just for McD's.  (Have you ever seen a chicken lay an egg without a yolk?)

Inquiring minds want to know.


  1. I don't like whites much, but will eat them if there's a deep orange yolk with them. Scrambled eggs must be very well beaten, so no whites are apparent. So I can't fathom just white eggs. Perhaps an extension of the "white is best and cleanest" thing that was sold in the 50's and 60's?

    I bet it's tied to cholesterol though. And we NEED cholesterol, as it's used for repairs. The plague that sticks to injuries in arteries is there because of the sugar consumption that caused inflammation necessitating the repair.

    Anyways, my money is on "the Money" aspect. I'm sure there's a more lucrative way of using yolks than leaving them in the whole egg. Just as corn is infinitely more lucrative in it's many components, than as plain whole corn.

  2. I thought about this and finally came up with an answer. Maybe. The yolks are used in mayo.

    The things I think about when I'm up in the middle of the night with my 6 month old! :)


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