Friday, April 13, 2012

Tipping Points in Food Wars, and Choice

I often wonder if there will be a point where public outcry against GMO's will tip the balance in our favor. Surely that should have happened by now because 93% of Americans are said to be in favor of GMO labeling, but maybe that "tipping point" is only measured by the ballot box? If that's the sole indicator, we are in trouble because authenticated reports of electronic manipulation/fraud of cast ballots are all over the internet, and there is no way to know if the pronounced results of any counted ballots is truly real or not.

Right now, the fate of GMO labeling in the US rests largely in the hands of voters in California, IF they can get GMO labeling on the November ballot... and IF we can believe the ballot counts. California is the 8th largest economy in the world, and the 5th largest supplier of food in the world.

Ballot initiatives are simple in theory, but obscenely expensive in practice because they often rely heavily on television. Companies like Monsanto clearly have the dollars to spend on lobbying against the initiative. A 2004 GMO-labeling ballot initiative attempt in Oregon failed when supporters put up only $100,000 compared to the $5.5 million that came form a group calling themselves “Coalition Against the Costly Labeling Law” which included Monsanto, DuPont, Croplife, and Conagra, to name a few.
Then there’s the question of if or when Right to Know legislation passes, whether it’ll be held up in court when Big Ag lawyers drag it there... which is probable. Their argument will likely be that food labeling belongs in the federal domain and should not be a state issue. And of course, we know who's money is most influential in the federal domain.

For the average consumer like me, that leaves only a few safe food choices: grow my own from certified (and possibly even organic) non-GMO seed; buy grass-fed meat from local farmer's who also use only safe seed to grow their produce; and do NOT buy any processed foods or foods requiring any label at all, because surely GMO's are hiding there in chemical terms. 

Although I do not buy into the mania of many of the Survivalist's groups about hording foods, I do think it is prudent to have provisions against possible disasters from storms, drought, etc. However, since President Obama signed the new Executive Order "National Defense Resources Preparedness" on March 16, 2012, I'm having second thoughts about what edibles I grow in my garden, since my gardens are up for grabs under the new E.O. I am also a little concerned by the E.O. because by it, only Obama can decide what constitutes a "state of emergency". 

My personal "state of emergency" is now the gasoline prices hitting $4 a gallon plus most foods from the grocery store being harmful to my health. I wonder what the President really considers a "state of emergency"?

This year in my garden, I am leaning strongly towards including a lot of edible weeds and other foodstuffs that most would not recognize as edible, yet will nourish me. Are they gonna come and dig up my dandelions? LOL



  1. Wow! This is the first I had heard of the new executive order . . . and it gives the President, be it Obama or a successor, the power to allocate ALL resources -- from food resources to energy, water, transportation,construction, etc. I do think they would go for the big boys before they came for your kale, Darius, ;-) but the potential is there . . .

    If something doesn't happen to change the trajectory of 'civilization,' I hate to think what life will be like for future generations. It's not just the tangle of laws we are seeing enacted (from both left and right), or the police state tactics that are becoming more and more common, or the erosion of democracy in places like Michigan, it's the technology that makes it possible for Big Brother to keep tabs on us all. Every time I think we must have hit the peak, we go a bit higher. We so need to come back down to earth . . .

  2. did you know that the gov. passed the new laws about drowns spying in our country they passed it a few months ago and set aside 30 million dollars for unmaned drowns to fly over this counrty in the next ten years do you think they are scared of something or someone or all the people in this land of ours oh I meant there's we do not count as people we are all subject's of the United States of Washington DC
    Lord Hell Us ALL

  3. Yes, I did read about the incredible number of unmanned drone aircraft the government has authorized for use in this country. Seems like I remember it as being something like 5 drones for every mile of our borders.

    Not sure what to think about it, but it's rather unnerving.

  4. I have often thought the same thing about keeping things a little undercover - especially if I decide to have a meat/milk animal or 2.

    Have you read about the Michigan Govt. going after hog farmers?

    History seems to show that confiscation of land is one of the first things (sometimes just after nationalized health) that happens when a govt. goes socialistic or communistic.

    I had thought that land was the best investment but it seems that nothing is safe....


    1. The Michigan hog fiasco has been well-posted, even the 2 armed raids recently.

      I'm no longer sure anything is safe, anymore.


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