Friday, March 2, 2012

What's Up with all this?

I don't normally write political rants, other than the politics concerning my foods. But these things really confuse me, living as I do in a Republic (remember the Pledge of Allegiance?).

Congress wants to limit my access to research papers

FBI says paying for your morning coffee with cash is a potential terrorist activity

Conspiracy Theorists Are Being Rebranded As Domestic Terrorists

The Sacrificial Caste of Children


  1. Welcome to the new normal. I've got a buddy who has been harping on me about 9/11 conspiracies. I hate to think how very upset and betrayed I'd feel if these turn out to be true. I just want to go play with the goats. Goats I can trust!

  2. The culmination of years of progressive socialism. I would argue that we actually have become more of a democracy than a republic especially with the liberal activist stacked courts but as you said you usually avoid political things on your blog.

    1. Yep, we "argue" when we state what we think on some subjects... which is one big reason I try to avoid politics AND religion on my blog.

      I'm like Dennis, above... we can trust goats to just be goats. LOL

    2. And in this respect we are allowing sheeple to be sheeple. Those sheeple are more dangerous than a goat ever thought about being.

    3. You are entitled to your opinion, but your opinion also enforces WHY I don't post about politics, religion, or even sexual preferences... no matter whatever beliefs about any of them them I may personally hold.

      My goals are more to concentrate on what we can collectively and individually do to save and/or restore whatever bit of Nature we haven't yet destroyed completely. Truthfully, "we" have destroyed a major chunk of the resources necessary for our physical survival regardless of ANY and ALL political beliefs people have held one way or another (or religion, for that matter) for far too long.

      You cannot feed your family on only your political beliefs placed on the dinner table (nor only your religious beliefs) no matter how hard you may wish it. Although apparently Moses did, long, long ago in the desert. Someone actually has to grow the food for the table, and for mankind to survive AND thrive, it has to be REAL food, not imitation crap.

      THAT is my primary focus on this blog. There are many blogs, including yours, that fully address the political angle... and in my opinion, not enough that address how we are going to feed ourselves.

    4. And besides I do plenty of posts and address sustainable living quite a lot actually on my blog. Local production for sustainable communities is my primary concern really.

  3. For one thing your ability to grow what you wish is now solidly connected to the political sphere. Not my doing nor any other libertarian or Constitutionalists I can assure you of that. I do enjoy your insight tips and tricks for growing and gardening and have purposefully ignored any marginally political opinions you have expressed. And yes you have expressed some here and there though not something I ever wished to argue about because it was obvious you did not want that on your blog and I respect that.

    None of that changes anything though. The courts (whether you call them activist or not) have solidly (And over extended) backed the interstate commerce clause and allowed the federal government to stick their nose into everything "for the general good" which includes drones, milk raids, watching you buy coffee or whatever they can think of.

    I am sure it all started with a slight majority choosing to punish a minority with an extra tax here or a health tax there and we see where it has lead. Eventually the government will get around to taking over something you care about no matter who you are.

    Like you said my opinion and not something I would have posted if you hadn't asked.


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