Friday, December 30, 2011

Still growing some winter veggies...

In an unexpected warm spell, the day after Christmas was 50ºF!  I opened up the hoop bed so I could cut back the lower leaves on the Brussels sprouts, enabling the plants to put their energy into sprout production rather than leaf production. They are struggling, but still continue to grow slowly. Same for the purple cauliflower in the hoop bed. Plus, a few beets are actually growing some leaves since the fabric cover has kept Br'er Rabbit from munching. (I did leave the cut Brussels sprout leaves accessible for the rabbits outside the hoop bed.)

Being out in the yard on such a nice day, I decided to "tour" my other garden areas. I found some red swiss chard still producing leaves large enough to eat, a few remaining leeks I failed to harvest, and some flat leaf parsley and rosemary. 

The biennial artichoke I planted in June hasn't died back completely yet either, although the other one I planted didn't make it through the summer.

The shallots and garlic I planted in late October are showing 2-3" of growth, which means they are putting down roots; the tops will die back when winter finally gets here, but the roots will keep them alive until they can resume growth in spring.

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