Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The 99 Percent Declaration

I've been watching the growing "Occupy" movement for several weeks with some curiousity, even though there seemed to be no particular agenda. Now a Working Group that includes pro bono lawyers and university students arrested in NYC for their peaceful demonstrations, have drafted The 99% Declaration

I will be following this closely because among other things, it addresses the greed prevalent in corporations that affect the laws of this country via political contributions and influence, which means they affect me. (Think BigAg, BigPharma, etc.)

The Working Group wants to draws up a formal petition of grievances voted by to-be-elected representatives of all congressional districts. The US Constitution provides for a petition of a list of grievances to present to the government, but apparently by Constitutional Law only a duly elected body can legitimize a list of demands from the People. Their proposal is only a starting proposal and sample list of just demands on the government, plus how they hope to accomplish it via elected representatives.

Their posted sample proposal includes a fair tax across the board (and cutting ALL tax loopholes), eliminating the contributions (open or hidden) that buy politicians, and a host of other proposals that sound sensible to me, from the War Machine to Health Care and Jobs. 

I encourage you to read the whole declaration... it's short and to the point. Who knows, it may even gain wide-spread support!


  1. I bless your gardening and opinions. I do not support OWS outcome. Peaceful protests are great. This movementhas passed into unseemly actions that I cannot ignore.As we respect one another's beliefs, we need to not destroy our neighbors possessions, or the laws, or national symbols. The message can be expressed without these unrespectful actions.

  2. TereGirl, Thanks. I'm always open to what anyone has to say as long as it is civil, which your comment certainly was!

    I neither approve, nor dis-approve of OWS. I actually don't know enough to do either, but I'm also not following the actual 'occupations" since in general, I find most news reports biased, if not downright deceitful.

    You will notice that my post above says I am aware of OWS... and watching with some interest, the 99%Declaration, which is NOT OWS but something that simply has emerged from it.

    I CAN say things like I disapprove of the apparent collusion between Monsanto and some US government agencies that affect MY food, thus my post.


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