Sunday, September 18, 2011

My BIG Tomato

Largest Tomato, 2.27 Pounds!

If you have been reading along in this blog all summer, you know my tomato plants were all sandwiched in among the flowers and herbs, rather than in the vegetable garden. Most were volunteers, along with half a dozen gifted plants.

The main thing this accomplished was a serious reduction in damage from the Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs. Oh, I still had some losses (more in the paste tomatoes)... but nothing like last year when the entire crop was a loss.

It is now the middle of September and cooling off. About half the tomatoes are still green on the vines, but I'll still have plenty more yet to put up for sauce and paste. I was rather surprised at the large tomato in the photo above. It weighed 2.27 pounds!

The flower-herb beds have not been well amended for a couple of years, and it shows in the low Brix of the tomatoes. That is fixable, once the bed is cleaned up this fall of all plants that do not have seed heads for the birds. The beds need minerals, biochar and compost, plus I really need add some EM's (Effective Microbes) once they have a food source!

Sorry for the short post... I'm up to my eyeballs renovating the back porch and it's leaky roof into a storage room that will also hold my 2 freezers.

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