Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Take the eye of a newt...

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Yep, I'm going out on a limb and looking into things most folk believe is foolishness at best, or witchcraft at worst... Quantum Agriculture.

For several years I have been trying to increase Brix in the fruits and vegetables I grow. My efforts have taken me to continuing research of micronutrients, micro-organisms and biochar, with judicious additions to my garden. Even though there has been some improvement, I still believe there is something missing, something I'm not quite 'getting'.

My recent 'discovery' about Earthing for human health has brought me full circle back to Rudolph Steiner's work on Biodynamics, and folks like Phillip Callahan, Hugh Lovel, Peter Thompkins, Christopher Bird, T. Galen Hieronymus and a few others who are out there adding to that knowledge base and expanding it.

I think what I'm not 'getting' is the effects of subtle cosmic energies (various radiation wave lengths?) and how to use those energies properly to our advantage and balance. Over many centuries, humankind relied upon cosmic influences... astrology, if you will. Then as science became the rational mind, we stopped believing that the moon, or constellations or planets as they (we) moved through the heavens, could influence anything, much less the growth and nutritional value of food crops. Most of us today read our horoscopes with a grain of salt, while merely a few accept them religiously. (I suspect that's because a published daily horoscope is very generalized, and doesn't take into account all the possible cosmic influences which vary for each individual from the moment of birth.)

I started giving lip service to planting by the moon 3-4 years ago, but it has been just that: lip service. No real understanding that the various planets or constellations might have any effect, although the moon's influence (like on the tides) might. I certainly didn't explore any of the why. It just seemed akin to nonsense and flew in the eyes of what we (current generations) are taught. Oh, I saw differences in planting by the moon, but it was akin to reading "Run, Spot, Run" and thinking I understood the complexity involved overall in reading anything. I now know it's not quite so simple.

Rupert Sheldrake (Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home) introduced the phrase "morphic fields" to describe the patterns of energy that permeate all things, connect all things... from chemistry and microbiology to people, planets and galaxies. Steiner used the terms 'formative forces', 'ethers' and 'astrality' to describe morphic fields; William Reich used 'orgone energy', Hieronymus used 'eloptic energy' and Tiller used 'subtle energies' to describe the same thing.

These terms (morphic fields, subtle energy/quantum mechanics, fluid dynamics, chaos theory, fractals, holographics and projective geometry) all are part of what Lovel calls Quantum Agriculture... and I already know I will wish I had studied more physics and chemistry in college.

I have lots of research to do over the winter, and then lots more doing trials in my garden, to see if any of this actually works. My gut feeling is that it does, but it will take doing it myself to overcome any Doubting Thomas aspect. I don't really care how many angels can dance on the head of a pin; I want to know what I can do with that information!  It won't happen quickly, I'm sure. I am now four years into my work with biochar and micronutrients, and just beginning to see results.

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